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Established in 2007, Results for Development Institute (R4D) has grown from a $2.6M organization to an annual revenue generating organization of $26M, with programs in health, innovation, governance,  market dynamics and education.

R4D’s most significant growth is attributed to grant revenue – from $2M in 2007 to $14.3M in annual revenue for 2016, with a significant amount of multi-year awards from some of the largest foundations in the U.S. Contract revenue also significantly increased from $800K in 2008 to $7.5M and now represents another significant source of revenue for the organization that allows for growth and sustainability.

R4D’s most recent growth rate continues to be attributed to a stronger health portfolio which has grown by over 50 percent and a market dynamics and education portfolio that has doubled in revenue since they were established.

Lastly, R4D’s staff experienced significant growth from the early days in 2008 with 16 employees, to over 110 employees in 2016. 

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