About Us

Our Approach

At Results for Development (R4D), we apply fresh thinking and rigor to emerging and stubborn development challenges—particularly within the fields of health, education and governance—and we pioneer and advance creative, high-impact solutions. We do this by combining the following approaches to deliver meaningful and lasting results: 

  • Analyzing & influencing
    We collect data and conduct rigorous analysis in order to help funders and policymakers identify urgent issues, prioritize efforts, get more value for their investments and ensure that benefits reach the poor. 

  • Advancing innovation 
    We aim to accelerate and scale up development impact with innovative solutions. We do this by identifying and facilitating new thinking for emerging and intractable problems and by creating new partnerships and disseminating new approaches for the global good.

  • Designing, testing & adapting solutions
    We leverage the best of design thinking, structured experimentation, and rigorous short- and long-cycle research methods to provide relevant and rapid feedback on programs in order to increase their impact.

  • Increasing access to vital products & services 
    We work with all segments of the marketplace — manufacturers, major donors, and buyers in the public and private sectors — to accelerate the availability and affordability of vital commodities and services. 

  • Building communities of knowledge & practice 
    We create and facilitate lasting networks that bring together practitioners and policymakers with a common purpose to share ideas and information, identify and disseminate best practices and co-produce new knowledge products and tools.

  • Supporting local change agents 
    We work shoulder-to-shoulder with government officials, civil society leaders and entrepreneurs to provide tools, advice and access to global networks to help them scale up their efforts.

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R4D’s fresh approach to exploring new and innovative solutions, has resulted in real impact on the ground for those in most need in developing countries. By pairing research with action, R4D has helped improve the economic and social prospects of the world’s poor.”

-- Roberto Danino, R4D Board Member - Former Prime Minister of Peru