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AIDS Reaches 30 Year Mark

6 June, 2011

On Monday, May 30, the Washington Post featured findings from the aids2031 Costs and Financing Project, directed by R4D, in the article, "Tough decisions about money and treatment are ahead as AIDS turns 30," quoting R4D Managing Director, Robert Hecht.


What can developing countries do now to change the trajectory of the AIDS epidemic for decades to come? How much will it cost to avert new infections and expand access to treatment? Which countries will be able to take full ownership of their HIV/AIDS responses, and which will continue to rely on international support?

Authors from the financing group of the aids2031project, including R4D Managing Director Robert Hecht, address these critical questions, taking a long-term view of financial requirements under different possible scenarios as the HIV/AIDS pandemic unfolds over the next two decades up to 2031, the year that will mark the 50th anniversary of AIDS.

They argue that developing countries will face diverging HIV/AIDS costs and financing challenges over the next two decades, depending on their disease burden and income level. This also has important implications for external financing from the Global Fund, PEPAR, and other donor sources. The authors maintain that traditional approaches to fighting HIV/AIDS have been short-sighted and need to be replaced by long-term financing strategies that can more effectively address the pandemic.

For more information about the project and to download the aids2031 global, South Africa and Cambodia studies click here.