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Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment Launches New Report on Prizes

28 March, 2011

A new R4D report, "Prizes for Global Health Technologies," was released today at a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) briefing. The report by R4D’s Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment examines the potential for prizes to spur the development of new health technologies, such as drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and medical devices, in the developing world. The report authors are Amrita Palriwala, R4D Program Officer, and Paul Wilson, R4D Senior Consultant. 

The study addresses some key questions, including the relevance of prizes for different kinds of technologies, the willingness of product developers to pursue a prize, the merits of prizes for final products (“end” prizes) as well as important milestones in product development, and the best way to promote affordable access to products developed through prizes. It focuses primarily on the potential of prizes for specific products to motivate research and development (R&D) by for-profit firms.

The study has two main parts: a general analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of prizes as a way to drive product development and access in the developing world and a detailed case study of recent prize proposals for point-of-care (POC) tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics. In addition, it offers a preliminary analysis of prizes for other health products and of the merits of prizes relative to other approaches to financing neglected-disease R&D.

Click here to read the full report.

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The Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment’s goal is to expand and improve the information used by governments, philanthropists and private investors in making decisions on new ways to accelerate global health research and development. To learn more visit http://healthresearchpolicy.org/

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