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9 December, 2011

In Salzburg, Austria, R4D Education Experts made several presentations for the Salzburg Global Seminar’s session on “Optimizing Talent: Closing Educational and Social Mobility Gaps Worldwide.”

R4D Managing Director Nicholas Burnett and Program Officer Shubha Jayaram presented a paper titled “Equitable or Inequitable Finance?”, which looked at the need to spend more resources for education, the need to reallocate resources from tertiary and secondary to basic education, and the use of innovative financing mechanisms for education as aid flows look increasingly tenuous on the road ahead.

R4D Board Member Josef Ritzen presented a paper titled “A Renaissance for Social Mobility and its Significance for the Bridge towards Postsecondary Education,” which examined the need to re-organize education and re-examine its place in the community, in order to tackle the dual global challenges of rising inequality and declining social mobility.

R4D Expert Birger Fredriksen presented a paper title “Using Aid Strategically to Promote Education Development: The Need for a More Effective Global Education Aid Architecture,” outlining major trends driving change in education aid priorities, using aid where it has a comparative advantage, and systemic weaknesses in global education aid architecture.

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