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R4D video series showcases work of Transparency & Accountability Program participants

6 June, 2012

As part of its Transparency & Accountability Program (TAP), R4D produced three films to serve the needs of three local organizations—to educate their communities about their transparency and accountability work and to draw more fellow citizens in as supporters and volunteers.

A transparent, accountable government is a human right. Local organizations are ubiquitous and bristling with ideas to engage citizens in holding their governments accountable for promises made on access to healthcare and education. R4D believes in serving local organizations and governments that are best positioned to solve local problems. Since 2006, TAP has strengthened the capacity of 44 CSOs in 26 low- and middle-income countries to better hold their governments accountable and to promote improvements in social sector public spending and service delivery.

After inviting some of its TAP participants to propose what story they would have a documentary tell about their work, R4D picked three winners and brought in a team from Righteous Pictures to film the three videos as tools for those organizations to attract more community participation and raise visibility on the issues facing each community.

R4D will release one video each week in June on its Vimeo page.

Read coverage from Mashable on the first video, about one group's use of mobile phones to address health worker absenteeism.

Read coverage from TrustLaw.org, a Thomson Reuters Foundation service, on the second video, about a student-centered program to help reduce teacher absenteeism. (Also picked up by Reuters)

Read coverage from Global Voices blogger James Propa on the third video, about medical supply chain issues in Uganda.

Read a blog post by Jennifer Lentfer, founder and editor at How-Matters.org, about the series and TAP.

Video #1: Where have they gone? Using ICT to address health worker absenteeism in India

Video #2: Tapping student leaders to help address teacher absenteeism in Uganda

Video #3: Breaking Uganda's culture of silence: Access to essential medicines

BONUS: Unlocking local solutions to improve health and education
Go behind the scenes to learn about the thinking behind TAP and R4D's peer learning and networking approach with R4D's Board Member Dzingai Mutumbuka, President David de Ferranti, and Program Director Courtney Tolmie.

For those who cannot view the videos above or on Vimeo.com, you may also view the videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/results4development

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