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Life skills boost youth employability yet what can we do to foster them?

This post was orginially published on The World Bank's Jobs and Development blog and was authored by Shubha Jayaram

Devex: The “5 C’s" of Innovation Ecosystems

On August 6, international development thought leader Devex published an article by R4D Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer Gina Lagomarsino, Program Director Donika Dimovska, and Program Officer Christina Synowiec through its #Innov8aid column. In the piece, the writers identifies five key components of successful innovation “ecosystems.” An excerpt follows below.

5 Steps to Building Partnerships for Universal Health Coverage

Insights from public and private sector actors in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

Why Ending Child Stunting and Malnutrition Should Be a Top Priority for “Financing for Development”

By R4D Senior Program Officer Shan Soe-Lin and Managing Director Rob Hecht.

Why Citizen-Led Assessments of Educational Outcomes Matter for the Transparency and Open Data Communities

This week, Results for Development’s education team published a multi-year effort assessing the effectiveness and impact of citizen-led education assessments of student learning.

Schooling Ain't Learning, and Learning Assessments (Alone) Ain't Reform

This post originally appeared on the the Center for Global Development's blog and was authored by Charles KennySenior Fellow at the Cente

Seeking Input on R4D’s New Governance Strategy

During the past several months, R4D’s Governance program has embarked on an in-depth and comprehensive strategy process to evaluate our core theories of change, our projects, and our comparative advantages. In addition to our internal team taking an unvarnished look at our existing and historic programs’ effectiveness and impact, we’ve reached out to dozens of friends and experts in the transparency, accountability, and participation (TAP) communities for critical feedback and constructive criticism.

Introducing the Governance Data Alliance

We’re extremely excited to publicly celebrate the launch of the Governance Data Alliance, a new initiative nearly 20 months in the making designed to improve the availability, use, and salience of high-quality governance data.

Can Mobile Money Facilitate Citizen Engagement?

By Aprille Knox, Marilyn Heymann and Pamela Riley

R4D Facilitates JLN "Mini-Exchange" Workshop in Dubai

Last week, the Joint Learning Network (JLN) for Primary Health Care's Primary Health Care Initiative organized a two-day “mini-exchange” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates convening JLN representatives from India and Malaysia and partners from the World Bank, GIZ and IFC Ghana to discuss engaging the private sector in primary health care delivery.