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Innovative financing: Four lessons other sectors can learn from education

A teacher conducts a class at the Jagganathpur Government Primary School in Mowlovibazar, Bangladesh. © Asian Development Bank


By Nicholas Burnett and Tara Hill

New tool to visualize funding gaps for nutrition

Results for Development, in partnership with the World Bank and 1,000 Days, just launched Investing in Nutrition, a new website that helps global leaders, policymakers and donors visualize the gap in global nutrition spending and advocate for greater investment.

Inch by inch: Bringing development solutions for women, by women, to scale

© Uno A La Vez

A woman’s role in the world around her is multifaceted—forward-thinking innovators recognize this and are creating new approaches that support and nurture women’s impact on their families, communities and overall society.

Unfinished Business: We have achieved a great deal for global education, but there is much more to be done

Children learning through play in a rural Zimbabwe school supported by Nhaka Foundation. Nhaka Foundation is one of several promising early childhood development (ECD) programs profiled on R4D's Center for Education Innovations. © Nhaka Foundation


The world needs a new way to track nutrition funding

Results for Development is working in Rajasthan, India, to determine how much is being spent on critical nutrition programs, including those that support breastfeeding mothers, and where additional resources are most urgently needed. © Bartosz Hadyniak

Q&A: An inside look at Ghana’s efforts to reform its health system and provide high-quality, affordable health care to all

Dr. Chris Atim (R) presents a final version of the report, Proposed Redesign and Restructuring of the National Health Insurance Scheme, to Ghana's then-minister of health, Alex Segbefia (L), in September 2016. © The Daily Graphic/Rebecca Quaicoe Duho

Getting to know Amy Black: Q&A with incoming R4D Education Managing Director


[Editor's Note: On March 1, 2017, Amy Black will join Results for Development (R4D), as education lead. Black will succeed current managing Director, Nicholas Burnett.

Top 10 stories from 2016

With another year under our belts, we’re looking back at our top blog posts from 2016. From the power of market shaping in reducing maternal deaths to early childhood development to open government and malnutrition in India, these posts pack practical information from our work in more than 55 countries to help people escape poverty and reach their full potential.