Et cetera

A random collection of links that stuck with me this week.

What Sesame Street Can Teach the World Bank, on the World Bank’s EduTech Blog.

Taming Fragility, a guest post on the Aid on the Edge blog, about the need to understand more deeply the interconnected-ness of problems and the importance of supporting solution-seeking systems not just solutions themselves.

How to Work in Someone Else’s Country (A Book Review), a guest blog post for InterAction by aid blogger Jennifer Lentfer.

Innovation Comes from the Edges, a Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship post by Ushahidi founder Erik Hersman.

How to Organize Alliances of Multiple Organizations, a Stanford Social Innovation Reviewarticle series on governance structures for networks of organizations seeking to make a collective impact.

What’s in a Brand? – The Evolving Relationship of the Nonprofit Sector to Branding, a blog post from the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations.

12 Reasons You Won’t Quit Your Job in International Development, from Development Crossroads, a blog devoted to supporting professional development for aid workers.

Oscar Abello is senior program associate for communications at R4D.