ISESE Competition: Yuwa – Kicking it new school in India

The Innovative Secondary Education for Skills Enhancement (ISESE) Competition blog series features the winners, runners-up and five additional models that have been selected due to their innovation, impact, sustainability and potential for replication in Africa and Asia. This is Part 1 of our 10-part series.

Isolated. Illiterate. Trafficked. Harassed. That’s the life of a girl born in Jharkhand, India – the leading state in child marriages where an estimated 30,000 girls are trafficked every year. Thanks to Yuwa, many girls have escaped child marriages. That’s why R4D has selected them as the winner of the Asian region and awarded them with $1,000 for their Kicking It New School program.

Yuma provides girls the opportunity to develop self-confidence and leadership skills by joining soccer teams, and a better education.

Society tells women to just fit in. We coach them to stand out.

The goal of the program is to help girls:

  • Cultivate a love for learning, curiosity, and excitement in their current and future education
  • Achieve core competency in math, science, and English
  • Prepare them for higher quality private schools, universities and trade schools

As part of its pilot program, Yuma has acquired five tablets and is now looking to scale up by purchasing at least 15 more to reach their goal of serving 100 girls daily. Using the Khan Academy curriculum, which has more than 600 lessons in Hindi and Urdu, Yuma is creating a virtual classroom that will give girls access to their lessons via the tablets with support from peer tutors.

Many of the girls who have participated in Yuma’s program have become the first girls in their families to attend university. Yuma aims to make that the rule; not the exception. To learn more about Yuma and their programs, please visit their website at

Stay tuned for the rest of our series and check in next week to learn about the winning education model for Senegal, Africa.

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Monica Wong is a summer intern at Results for Development Institute. When she’s not engulfed in her MBA studies at Georgetown University, she enjoys listening to live music on lazy Sundays while doing crossword puzzles.