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Making Market Strategy a Global Life-Saving Tool

Can reducing health commodity costs (i.e. the cost of HIV drugs or malaria bed nets) save millions of lives worldwide? Can it invigorate increased giving at a time when donor countries are struggling to tighten their belts and balance their budgets?

Recent news indicates that the answer to both of these questions may be a resounding and increasingly urgent "yes."

Getting Better or Dead Aid? Making sense of the aid effectiveness debate

Charles Kenny, a former World Bank and Center for Global Development colleague, and one of the most thoughtful people writing on development these days, has produced a fascinating and informative book, Getting Better: Why Global Development is Succeeding – and How We can Improve the World Even More.

Using Prizes to Promote Life Saving Health Tools

In these times of tight budgeting, the U.S. government, foundations and private companies are exploring a new idea: awarding prizes for the development of innovative drugs, vaccines and tests for the world's biggest health problems. This would mean spending money only when there is a new product that will actually make a difference in the lives of millions.

Education for All – Are We Getting There?

The recently released 2011 annual monitoring report on the Education for All (EFA) initiative released by UNESCO [1] contains the usual glass half full and half empty story.

Framing the US Foreign Aid Budget Debate

Inder Sud, R4D Principal, submitted today's Expert Opinion piece on "Framing the US Foreign Aid Budget Debate." This is part of a new series featuring commentary from R4D experts.

Framing the US Foreign Aid Budget Debate