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A few things that caught our attention last week. Anything you want to discuss further? Leave a comment below or tweet at us (@R4Development).

The changing face of international finance for education

There is a dangerous perception that, of all the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), those for education are closest to success.

While there is some truth to that, and the expansion of enrolment in developing countries since 2000 has been unprecedented, momentum has recently been lost and the increased rates of enrolment are now declining. More importantly, this focus on enrolment masks a much bigger problem that the very success has itself created, which is that children in many developing countries are simply not learning even though they are in school.

A network to support healthcare innovation, not just innovators

If you think innovation is a complex task, try supporting innovation.

Financial support to innovators in the form of early stage grants or later stage equity or debt is one thing, but supporting innovators still isn’t the same as supporting innovation as a process.

The Devil in the Malaria Details

Have you ever had to buy a long-lasting insecticide-treated bed net (LLIN)? Probably not, even if you live in Africa, where nine out of ten malaria-related deaths occur.

The doctor is in

I welcome and congratulate Jim Yong Kim, medical doctor and Ph.D. anthropologist, on his selection to become the next president of the World Bank. 

While a more transparent, merit-based selection process (one which I believe Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala would have won) remains an important goal to which the World Bank should aspire, I still think Dr. Kim's selection is an indication that the World Bank will begin responding to our changing world.

From the GMR to UNESCO to Education at Results for Development

That title describes my own career over the last decade, during which I have been Director of the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO and now Managing Director for Education at Results for Development, where we are dedicated to unlocking solutions to tough development challenges that prevent people in low- and middle-income countries from realizing their potential.

Can patent pools get more drugs to AIDS patients?

At a time when there is an urgent need to expand AIDS treatment worldwide, financing for the Global Fund for AIDS, TB, and Malaria is decreasing and budgets for AIDS are under tremendous pressure in donor countries and in many of the most affected nations of Africa and Asia.

Faced with this dilemma, AIDS program managers and advocates must pursue all measures that can keep the cost of treatment low and affordable.

Former World Bank managers aren’t afraid of Ngozi

The BBC World Business Report podcast interviewed R4D principal Dennis de Tray about yesterday’s open letter from former World Bank managers, written in support of a competitive process to select the next and future World Bank Presidents and Nigeria Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the best among the current three candidates. (Click here to stream the full podcast - the interview runs approximately minutes 6:20-11:13)

Toward universal health coverage

Two recent events underscore the disparity between the United States and the rest of the world on health coverage. Last week, American reactions to the Supreme Court hearings showed how deeply divided the nation is on the subject.

A quest for questions in education

I first realized the absolute value of education – and more critically, the learning that occurs inside the classroom – while I was working with SMEs and entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa.