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The real message from Brexit

[Editors Note: Dennis de Tray is an external expert at Results for Development (R4D), with expertise in institution and capacity building in fragile states and development assistance delivered through non-ODA (official development assistance) channels. Past projects with R4D include working with the governments of Kazakhstan and Timor-Leste on strategic planning. Mr. de Tray’s views are his own and do not represent the views of R4D.]

Ending AIDS and pursuing universal health coverage: 6 lessons for approaching and analyzing financing integration from South Africa

Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 seems more within reach than ever, but governments and their partners are facing complex decisions about how to finance their HIV response while also pursuing universal health coverage (UHC) to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.

Growing momentum for early childhood development

©Center for Education Innovations

By Donika Dimovska and Mirjam Schöning

How to define and categorize innovation labs

A brief guide and starting point to explore the mission and freedom of innovation labs.

What’s trending in WASH sector — and are they the right trends to support real progress?

©Millennium Water Alliance

©Millennium Water Alliance

Imagine if there were a Twitter specifically for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). What would be trending today? And would those trends align with what’s really needed to see progress in the sector?


Meet R4D's New President & CEO

In a recent in-depth interview with Gina Lagomarsino, R4D’s incoming president and CEO, we discussed R4D’s early days, what sets it apart from other global development organizations and how her prior work serving low-income and vulnerable communities will inform her leadership of R4D over the coming years. Gina’s new role will be effective Sept. 1, 2016.

5 Things Working in the Fight Against Malnutrition in India

Despite rapid economic growth over the last decade, India continues to struggle to provide access to basic food and healthcare to large sections of its population. The state of malnutrition is particularly dire and widespread in states such as Bihar and Rajasthan. India is home to 43 percent of the world’s malnourished, amounting to 191 million people — 16 percent of its population.