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Context Matters: So what?

[Editor’s note: This is the fourth of a series edited by Elizabeth BrownAprille Knox, and Courtney Tolmie at Results for Development, 

Four Things to Look for in Open Government in the Next Five Years

On April 9, the city of Austin, Texas held an Open Government Forum. R4D Managing Director Nathaniel Heller was asked to participate, and his remarks from the afternoon plenary session are transcribed below. Also see bottom for video from the speech.

Introduction to the series on think tanks and context

This post was originally published on On Think Tanks.

An early look at what’s in the Social Accountability Atlas

Even for social accountability (SAc) practitioners and experts, answering common questions about how SAc can improve service delivery is hard. Doing so without the benefit of knowing what different efforts are under way is almost impossible, and this information gap hampers learning and exchange. This gap also makes it difficult to reach out to other development practitioners, donors, and experts facing governance challenges in their day-to-day work.