5 Steps to Building Partnerships for Universal Health Coverage

Insights from public and private sector actors in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria

By: HANSHEP Secretariat Thomas Feeny, R4D COO and Managing Director Gina Lagomarsino and R4D Senior Program Associate Rachel Neill 

Schooling Ain't Learning, and Learning Assessments (Alone) Ain't Reform

This post originally appeared on the the Center for Global Development's blog and was authored by Charles KennySenior Fellow at the Center for Global Development.

R4D Facilitates JLN "Mini-Exchange" Workshop in Dubai

Last week, the Joint Learning Network (JLN) for Primary Health Care's Primary Health Care Initiative organized a two-day “mini-exchange” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates convening JLN representatives from India and Malaysia and partners from the World Bank, GIZ and IFC Ghana to discuss engaging the private sector in primary health care delivery.

Improving Think Tank Management: Get It, Read It, Use It

This post originally appeared on the The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation'blog and was authored by Ruth Levine, Global Development and Population Program Director at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Think Tanks and communications: the challenge of being reasonable, resourceful and proactive

This post originally appeared on Politics & Ideas and was authored by Senior Program Officer Shubha Jayaram and Senior Communications Associate Henna Mahmood.

We know context matters…but how?

This blog was authored by Senior Program Officer Sam Polk and Senior Program Associate Aprille Knox.

The relatively young field of social accountability (SAc) has boomed in recent years. Conferences have proliferated, research has expanded, and important global actors like the World Bank have thrown their heft behind the concept. All of this hubbub reflects a powerful basic insight: civil society voices and action are an absolutely critical ingredient in the effort to improve government services.

Global and Asian Perspectives on the Post-2015 Discussion

This post originally appeared on NORRAG Newsbite and was authored by Shoko Yamada, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University in Japan.

From CHMI: Kenya Database at a Glance (Part 1)

This post originally appeared on the Center For Health Market Innovations blog and was authored by R4D Senior Program Officer, Komal Bazaz Smith.

Under new leadership: making the most of India’s private health care system

This post originally appeared on "Health Policy and Planning Debated" and authored by R4D Managing Director, Gina Lagomarsino and Program Officer, Arjun Vasan.