Et cetera

A collection of links that caught the attention of R4D staff in last week.  

From Aaron Ausland's "A Cautionary Tale in Charts."

Et cetera

A random collection of links that stuck with me this week.

What Sesame Street Can Teach the World Bank, on the World Bank’s EduTech Blog.

Taming Fragility, a guest post on the Aid on the Edge blog, about the need to understand more deeply the interconnected-ness of problems and the importance of supporting solution-seeking systems not just solutions themselves.

Thinking out loud

It feels good to rant, to get something off your chest, to say what needs to be said, to speak from experience, frustration, emotion, or conviction in a forum of lower stakes than a conference presentation or project proposal review. 

Even if you learn later you were wrong, at least you can point to a major step in that learning process—that moment you decided to think out loud and expose your thoughts to the world.

Aid workers and bloggers: we want your rants.