Bangladesh Looks Back, Looks Ahead to UHC

This post originally appeared on the UHC Forward Blog and was authored by R4D Program Associate Nisma Elias.

Harnessing the hidden workforce: informal providers in India and elsewhere

Originally posted on The Lancet Global Health Blog, this piece was co-authored by Meenakshi Gautham, Research fellow and IDEAS country coordinator for India at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and R4D Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Gina Lagomarsino.

VIDEO: Breaking Uganda's culture of silence: Access to essential medicines

Uganda has made great strides in the past few years building up the "hardware" of its public distribution system for medicines – central warehouses and staffed distribution points – but the "software" isn’t quite right. Many health centers run out of medicines in the 2-3 months between deliveries, meanwhile central warehouses are chock-full of supplies.

A network to support healthcare innovation, not just innovators

If you think innovation is a complex task, try supporting innovation.

Financial support to innovators in the form of early stage grants or later stage equity or debt is one thing, but supporting innovators still isn’t the same as supporting innovation as a process.

Do I hear wedding bells?

Those of you who manage clinical social franchises…imagine for a moment a world where: You don’t have to rely completely on donor funding. Decisions about your service offerings are made based on the needs of your communities rather than the special interests of donors. The poor coming to your franchisee clinics can just as easily afford services as their slightly better off neighbors. Your franchisees are completely focused on meeting the standards you set, for fear of losing a major revenue stream.

An attractive newcomer has recently entered the picture