Using Mobile Money to Extend Health Insurance to the Informal Sector

In many low- and middle- income countries, informal sector populations are turning to mobile money for sending and receiving payments.  Mobile payment platforms enable greater access to basic financial services for unbanked populations, typically poor and informal sector workers in hard to reach areas.

Integrating the Primary Health Care (PHC) and Universal Health Care (UHC) movements – the Time Is Now!

By Shan Soe-Lin, Marilyn Heymann and Marty Makinen

The Substance and Politics of US Health Reform: A Primer for the Rest of the World

Tomorrow, October 1st 2013, is the day that a number of provisions of US healthcare reform go into effect. Tomorrow is also the day that the US government might come to a grinding halt, because opponents of health reform would rather shut down key government services than see health reforms implemented.

Why Is Universal Health Coverage Out of the Post-2015 Development Goals?

Originally published on UHC Forward, this piece was authored by Dr. Abiodun Awosusi, Universal Health Coverage Advocate at Management Sciences for Health.

Appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the 27-member High Level Panel (HLP) comprised of eminent people from a variety of backgrounds. Co-chaired by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Liberian president and British Prime minister, David Cameron, the panel published its report on May 30.

Ethics and Universal Health Coverage

(From R4D Program Associate Kyle Beaulieu on the UHC Forward Blog) The World Health Report: Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage chose three dimensions (population, services, direct costs) to consider when moving towards universal coverage, as demonstrated by a graphic cube (on page 12).

Toward universal health coverage

Two recent events underscore the disparity between the United States and the rest of the world on health coverage. Last week, American reactions to the Supreme Court hearings showed how deeply divided the nation is on the subject.