External Experts

Aaron Patillo

Aaron Patillo focuses on market dynamics, including issues around engagement and interface with private-sector suppliers in India and China.

Ms. Arriagada advises on social policy, strategy, and organizational management. She has over 25 years of experience in social protection, education, health, and nutrition both in technical and senior management positions at the World Bank. Her current efforts focus on organizational and management methods employed by the private sector to scale up the supply of social services for the poor, especially young children.

Audrey McIntyre specializes in global health market dynamics. She is an active adviser to R4D’s growing Market Dynamics practice as well as a consultant to other global health organizations.

Birger Fredriksen is a leading expert on the development of education in developing countries. Before retiring, he worked for 20 years in the World Bank including as Director for Human Development for Africa, and 12 years in the OECD and UNESCO. He now contributes as an adviser on education to several institutions.

Daniel Bond

Daniel Bond is an economist who has worked in the field of development finance for over 35 years. He has experience in both the public and private sectors including serving as Chief Economist for the Export Import Bank of the United States and First Vice President of Ambac Assurance Corporation. He is working with R4D on several innovative development finance initiatives.

David de Ferranti

David de Ferranti, former president and CEO of Results for Development and one of its co-founders, has over thirty years of experience in leadership and senior management positions in the public and private sector, chiefly in the fields of international development and, earlier, U.S. public policy.

David C. Stevens served as CEO of Capital Markets Development Corporation (CMDC), a development-stage financial guaranty insurance company focused on credit enhancement in the nascent fixed-income capital markets of emerging markets countries globally. 

Davidson Gwatkin is aSenior Associate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He serves as an adviser on health and poverty to UNICEF, and other agencies.

Dean Jamison specializes in the areas of economic theory, public health, and education.

Dennis de Tray's interests include institution and capacity building in fragile states and unconventional aid, development assistance delivered through non-ODA channels. He has worked most recently with the US Department of Defense on the governance and development aspects of counterinsurgency and with the Government of Kazakhstan to create a world-class English language teaching and research university in Astana.

Prior to R4D, Dessislava Dimitrova served as Deputy Minister of Health and chair of the National Health Insurance Fund in Bulgaria. She was also chair of the Standing Committee of WHO- Europe.  Dessislava's work is focused on finding innovative ways to deliver and finance universal healthcare.

Helen Saxenian has more than 20 years of experience primarily in the health sector, in both technical and managerial capacities, including 18 years at the World Bank. Her work in recent years has focused on vaccine finance issues.

Dr. Inder Sud has nearly 40 years of very broad experience in virtually all aspects of development. He has had assignments the world over, but his most extensive work was in East Asia and the Pacific, South Asia, and Middle East and North Africa.

Johannes F. Linn is Senior Resident Scholar at the Emerging Markets Forum and a Non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He previously served as Vice President at the World Bank and as Director of the Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution. 

Julian Schweitzer
Prior to joining R4D, Julian Schweitzer had a distinguished career at the World Bank. He has over thirty years of development experience with a focus on human development, and he has lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, Africa and East and Central Europe

Kenneth S. Apfel is a professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy and has served as the Commissioner of the Social Security Administration and other executive capacities at both the Office of Management and Budget and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Michelle Neuman is a senior fellow for R4D. She focuses on early childhood development and global education.

Milan Thomas

Associate Fellow Milan Thomas has contributed to and led a number of research projects on topics including out of school children, human capital and development, education finance (with Nicholas Burnett), development assistance for health, and fiscal space analysis (with Robert Hecht). 

Minh Chau Nguyen's interests lie in developing market-based solutions that work for the poor and advance gender equality, including investment fund structuring, social impact investments, micro finance, small and medium enterprises, and results-based financing. 

Nicholas Burnett is a Senior Fellow at Results for Development (R4D) where he previously served as Managing Director for global education. He now focuses especially on pragmatic and innovative approaches to important but neglected topics in education, including especially out-of-school children, adult illiteracy, innovative finance, ECD finance, non-state education, and the provision of global public goods. 

Paul Isenman

Paul Isenman has been as a senior manager with the OECD/DAC Secretariat, the World Bank, and USAID. His consulting has been primarily on aid effectiveness, architecture, governance and evaluation of global partnerships and international organizations.

Paul Wilson is a scientist and economist working to bring new drugs and vaccines to developing countries.

Raymond Struyk

Raymond Struyk is a senior manager and policy analyst in the fields of evaluation, housing policy, finance, and community development, with extensive policy formulation experience.

Richard Skolnik has been involved in international development since the early 1970s and has played important roles in global health for almost 25 years.

Ruth Kagia

Ruth Kagia serves as advisor to the education portfolio. She has a distinguished career in the fields of education, human development, and sustainable development, with over 30 years’ experience working at the World Bank and the Kenyan government.

Stephen Resch's primary research interests are health resource allocation, operational efficiency of health care service delivery, and the adaptation of decision analytic methods to important public health challenges.

Teresa Guthrie is a South African health economist (M.PH Health Econ.) with over thirteen years experience within African public health finance systems. 

Vinod Thomas

Vinod Thomas is currently a visiting professor at the National University of Singapore and at the Asian Institute of Management, Manila. Previously he was Director General of Independent Evaluation at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).  In this capacity, he reported to ADB's Board of Directors on the development effectiveness of the work of the organization. This work assessed the accountability of the organization in delivering results, building evaluation capacity in countries, and providing lessons of experience to help strengthen results.