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Global Education at R4D

Global Education

Education is playing an increasingly important role as economies and societies become more knowledge-based. R4D’s education initiatives concentrate on education financing (specifically focusing on aid effectiveness, emerging donors and innovative financing), early learning, secondary education skills development, and innovative non-state education interventions. This area complements our work in health and governance, and cross-cutting themes include the relationships among education, nutrition and health, and supporting civil society organizations in their work to increase public sector accountability.

Featured Global Education Impacts
Since June 2013, CEI has identified over 470 education programs that are transforming the lives of students in the developing world, analyzed several of these models to discover regional and thematic trends and connected over 200 programs to opportunities for funding and peer learning.
Global Education Impact
R4D's Global Education Team is raising important questions about the future of global education and exploring options for how to support those on the ground who may have answers to them.