Universal Health Coverage

Over three billion people globally continue to finance their health care primarily through out-of-pocket payments. Better ways of paying for health care are now feasible and necessary. A growing number of countries and institutions are focusing on policies that spread health care costs more equitably across the population, improve access to health services and reduce poverty from catastrophic healthcare expenditures. These efforts represent an emerging global movement to pursue and achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The Global Task Force for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

The global community is at a critical juncture in supporting universal health coverage, with numerous indications that universal health coverage will be a prominent issue in the years ahead.

The Global Task Force for Universal Health Coverage is a network of individuals established to align institutional efforts and support progress in countries as they work to expand coverage.  Convened by BRAC University, the Results for Development Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, the task force acts as a vehicle for convening thought leaders, addressing key technical challenges and complexities and propelling the global movement for UHC as it continues to gain momentum.

Global Task Force Members

David de Ferranti (Results for Development) Tim Evans (BRAC University)
  Suwit Wibulpolprasert (Thailand MoPH)
   Heather Grady (Rockefeller Foundation)
 Rebecca Affolder (UNSG)  Irene Agyepong (Ghana MoH)
 Cristian Baeza (World Bank)  Paulo Buss (Brazil MoH)
 Mickey Chopra (UNICEF)  Carissa Etienne (WHO)
 Julio Frenk (Harvard University)  Anne Mills (LSH&TM)
 K. Srinath Reddy (PHFI)  Matthias Rompel (GIZ)
 John-Arne Røttingen (AHPSR)  Xenia Scheil-Adlung (ILO)

UHC Forward

In response to this growing movement, Results for Development Institute (R4D) has launched UHC Forward— a new online hub that consolidates news, events, and publications related to the global universal health coverage (UHC) movement. 

Visitors can stay informed of health coverage efforts in countries around the world, explore key issues and policy debates related to universal health coverage, exchange ideas with others by submitting blogs or articles, and find links to additional resources to support their own efforts.

UHC Forward offers:

  • Headlines from around the globe, so that you can stay current on the latest news related to UHC
  • rich database that provides detailed comparative information on the health financing reforms of countries pursuing UHC
  • UHC Forward Blog, with commentary from global thought leaders and practitioners, and synopses of major events and publications
  • Key resources including publications, presentations, and information and links to other UHC initiatives
  • Information about upcoming events related to UHC

If you are engaged in UHC-related work and would like to contribute to UHC Forward, please email us at uhc@resultsfordevelopment.org. You can also sign up to receive the UHC Update, our quarterly electronic digest, UHC Breaking News Alerts, or follow UHC Forward on Twitter at @UHCForward.