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Publication and dissemination of products that emerge from R4D is an essential part of our work. We are committed to sharing our publications in both print and electronic formats. Browse our list of featured publications below. You can also view topic specific publications for our focus areas in Global Education, Global Health, Governance and Market Dynamics.

Featured Resources

The Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment released its latest assessment, “Patent Pools: Assessing Their Value-Added for Global Health Innovation and Access,” which explores the role of joint intellectual property management in global health innovation and access to medicines.  

A country’s capacity to effectively implement policies and programs has long been recognized as crucial for its progress. This paper discusses shared program design elements for capacity building across R4D's portfolio that have shown promise so far and have been well received by the beneficiary countries and groups.

The Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) released its first year report, highlighting key observations about innovative, market-based health programs based on CHMI’s initial phase of operation.

"The Economic Returns to Investment in AIDS Treatment in Low and Middle Income Countries," is one of the first efforts to look systematically at the expected economic benefits (returns) to large scale investment in AIDS treatment.